The principal characteristic of the territory of Furore is the steep slope of the rocky coastline on which the houses are built. In the past, this made travel between sea level and the inland summit near Agerola slow and difficult.

The trails, mostly made up of stairs and climbing paths, allowed for a series of exchanges and relationships between people that today have been rendered much less important due to the presence of roads. The slow and measured climb across the long Sorrentine peninsula has been replaced by a drive on a highway that runs longitudinally.

The state highway that runs along the coast towards Amalfi provides a panoramic view of the countryside, but inevitably creates a hierarchy of locations, elevating some and excluding the others from the visitors’ views.

This is how Furore has been split in two. On one side you will find the harbor, the Fjord, which looks like a gorge and which is an extraordinary isolated natural phenomenon. On the other is the town, with its houses scattered along the coast, which is practically invisible to travelers on the state highway.